Save as run time error

If it manages to compile, which half the time it doesn’t (I get a traceback error), I get “this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way” when I try to run the game. The game runs properly if I’m only using the default cube and don’t modify it in any way.

I’m using blender 2.58.1

What do I need to do to fix these errors? I want to export my game.

I have a feeling this is due to missing python libraries, but i can’t be sure,
Try copying the “lib” folder of the bundled python into the directory of the runtime

I deleted all files I didn’t need, and from where I’m exporting to, and used an earlier version of blender.
How do I make it so the console render doesn’t show up when I run the game?

I still can’t get this figured out. I tried it on more than one computer, as well as a laptop. I can never save as exe unless it’s a simple scene, changing ANYTHING gives me the error, but I can test the games just fine in blender.

Is there another way to save them as .exe? I think the game engine is blender’s weakest branch.

The game engine most definitely is Blender’s least developed branch. However, it’s the branch that, to me, deserves the most attention. At this point, amazing renders have been made with Blender, so it would seem that implementing easier methods to make amazing renders should be on the backburner - it’s already possible. It’s not already possible to make amazing realtime renders (soft shadows, alpha shadows, etc) with the game engine, and the BlenderPlayer bugs out sometimes.

Anyway, try using a Cucumber build from GraphicAll. Kupoman was working on ironing out bugs with Blender and the BlenderPlayer in that build.

Thanks for the information.

Is there a good resource for finding out python code for specific things? For example, I’d like to change an objects alpha to make it fade out, but can’t figure out what code I’d need.

What is the traceback when the script fails to make the runtime? Also, did you make sure that the Copy Python and Copy DLLs options were selected?