Save as runtime problem

Hi guys,
I have a problem exporting my game to runtime. When I run the .exe in my computer, the PC where I made the file it shows this:ítulo.png?psid=1
when I open the .exe in another computer it shows this:
How do I solve this little problem?

Jorge Monteiro:o:o

Is everything packed in the exe?

the save as runtime was made with the blend file in another PC.

It just seems like a packing package, also is it going from 32bit to 64bit? or reverse?

both are 64bits. I do not know what you mean with packing package.

Hey, do you have any modifiers active? Modifiers are known to cause bugs in the runtime version of a game. Interesting looking game, by the way. Some kind of cooking simulator?

OMG it was that, only in 3 objects the modifiers weren’t applied, it solve the problem.
It’s a simple game, the game consists in a treadmill with various objects running, the HUD displays the one the player has to select.