Save as Runtime, standalone .exe file not running

I thought I’d run this by you guys while I’m searching around for a solution but I’m having a problem with 2.71 blender when exporting my game as a standalone .exe file now I found a slightly old tutorial that shows how to fix the exact problem I have but I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem as well.

You start up your exe file and you get the message “game.exe has stopped working”, I followed the tutorial I found to try and fix it but still no luck, oddly enough, on my desktop it’s fine, but I’m testing this game on my laptop completely standalone and some files are clearly not copying over properly, but the laptop is on the exact same platform Windows 7 64 Bit and should have no problem running it.

I’ll try downgrading my version of blender and see what happens but It’d be great if you guys could give me your thoughts because this guy is using an earlier version of Blender too, will let you know if it works.

So THAT’S where the download link for that addon was! Thanks! I originally found your addon on the official blog and there was information on it but I couldn’t see a link even on the wiki that was provided. I’ll mess around with this and say if it works.

I suppose you saw the Moguri’s Addon (Publish Game Addon). His addon is “official”, so it will be released in future versions of blender. This addon is an improved version if that, it’s not official and still need some polishing, but works fine for now. Please, report any bugs or ideas, it will be a great help.

Ah, so that’s what is going on, thanks again and I’ll be sure to.

Right, here’s an update, I got the build game addon installed fine, however I can’t even seem to get the exe file running at all, a console just pops for less than a second and then disappears with nothing happening.

Can anyone tell me any reasons why my build hasn’t worked properly? All the files seem to be there and so on.

You proabably are on Windows 32bit. The last time I compiled the Simple launcher I forgot to make the 32bit version, this weekend I’ll update it.
Since you need to reinstall the launcher I’ll also add an operator to remove them, or update them at least.
Another thing that the new launcher will have is a .log file. With it you will be able to read what the console is tring to say.

It’s great to have testers, Salut!

lol thanks what I need is a 64 Bit version, I tried using the tab but it clearly looks like that isn’t working yet, as I said, I’m trying to get the damn thing to run on my laptop, now I know how what goes on with games developers when they’re doing this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: As a work around for this I’ll just put blender on the actual laptop, that should fix things, shame really but I guess I just have to wait until the work is all finished on the publishing addons :smiley:

Okay guys, I finally figured out what was wrong and it turned out that my laptop is so ancient/underpowered it can’t run the game that I’ve made! So what I did was I took it to a computer we recently bought and everything worked fine, so it looks like there are just certain features on blender that are causing it to simply CTD whenever it loads up the game.

At least I’ve discovered what it was now, I’ll see if it makes a difference on your addon as well elmeunick9 and test things then post up the specs of the laptop and the PC I’m using. I just found my first technical issue and worked it all out! lol! :smiley: