Save dialog: no longer double-return to save and exit?

I could have sworn that it used to be possible to enter the save file name, hit ENTER twice, and the dialog would save and auto-close.

This no longer seems to be the case. Am I hallucinating, or did something change?

Works for me. Perhaps something happened to these bindings on your end?

(or something else eats the Enter key event).

Thanks for checking. Appreciated.

I’ve installed a number of addons (BC, HardOps, Machine3) recently, so it’s possible, although I would have hoped that the functionality would have been segregated enough (by panel) to prevent such a hijacking.

Hopefully I’ll be able to fix it via your suggestion above. :+1:t3:
EDIT: It wouldn’t be in FILE BROWSER rather than SCREEN ?? (Within the Keymap Editor.)

I don’t know why it’s in Screen, but it is :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, my panels for Screen seem identical to your screenshots. :sob:

Is this detailed in the …API? (That is, how did you know to find it in Screen, versus in File Browser, which would seem more natural?)

Thanks for your help – I may do a clean sweep/reset, and reinstall those plugins one-by-one, oh joy.

Happy New Year, and thanks for all the help you give here.

I did a search by key-binding, which lead me here:


Although, as it turns out, the big Enter key is actually Return.

Something down the line must be eating it for you. Maybe if you search for Return you can find what that is. There should be various bindings for it, see if anything stands out. These are all that I have here (which I think should all be default, at least I don’t recall remapping Enter anywhere), for a baseline comparison:

Happy New Year, and you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I was faffing around a bit, and caused the RESTORE button to appear. I hit that, and confusing stuff happened but it seemed to boil down to:

  1. Make the RESTORE button appear in the Keymap editor
  2. SAVE Preferences (this is key-- the changes don’t ‘go out’ immediately)

…wait, false alarm, even then it’s flakey as hell. --Uselessly, RETURN always works if the cursor is over the SAVE AS button, and displaying it’s shortcut (“Return”).

As many times as I’ve been boned by Blender’s cursor location sensitivity, I’d hoped that being over the File Dialog window would finally be in my favor.