save edge loop

hallo everyone :slight_smile:
i have a question.
so, i made an edge loop in an object. i saved it as a blender file. And then i deleted that object and try again to import it. What i got is my new edge loop that i made before is gone. and the question is, why? is there any way to ‘save’ that edge loop so next time if i want to use that object again and import it, the edge loop is still in the object?
please help me :slight_smile:

thanks before!


When you save a file, all objects such as meshes, cameras, light sources, etc. are saved as well. When you are importing, there are several folders where you find each one of them. The reason for importing the edge loop only, might mean that such mesh was separated (Command “p”) from the original mesh. If you dig in the same folder, maybe you can find the original mesh also.

what kind of folder did you mean? i didn’t get it. :smiley:
I searched some folders, but i cannot find a folder that saves objects which is modified before.

The active selection is not saved with the objects.If you want to retain a selection, you can save it as a vertex group, that you can reselect at any time. You do that in the mesh properties I think (can’t check at the moment, if you can’t find it, google ‘blender vertex group’). :slight_smile: