save file overwrite?

when I save something whether its an image, document or whatever I expect it to overwrite the old file. But, blender does not do this. When I hit save I’ll end up getting two documents one being…say “thething.blend” and the file I just saved being “thething.blend1”. I find this very annoying, is this a feature, or setting, problem, or what?

this blend1 is a back up of your file

you can change the number in the suer preference panel

but 1 is the default setting


ok, I just changed it to “0”. so now it will stop doing that?

It is generally considered a good feature. If anything goes wrong you can revert to the state of the previous save. Or if the main file somehow gets screwed, you still have the backup file.

I would live with it while you are working on a project - you can always delete it when you are done.

You’re incorrect about it not overwriting the file… that’s exactly what it should be doing. When you save something which already exists, Blender pops up the “save over…” as a question of whether you want to succeed; it has not saved the file yet. To actually save you have to click the question which pops up, otherwise, no, your updated work won’t save.

That .blend1 file is not the second save. It’s the current working backup. When you open a file in blender it makes a .blend1 file of your current work, which should get saved every few minutes as you work on it. This makes crash recovery possible… many Word Processors have the same approach.

A better workflow is to save your file with a name like “spaceship01.blend” (Blender automatically adds the .blend extension, so just “spaceship01” is fine). Now, when you use save, hit the + key on numpad and blender will automatically add to the number, making it spaceship02 and so on. Multiple backups are very important in production environments.

thanks guys! I now understand the ways of the blend

picks up an x-wing fighter using the blend lol