save game

is it possible, if you have made a game, to allow players to save the tings they have already done, so they can load that game and play from the point they have stoped?
it would be verry usefull

i goes that the answer would be yes… all you had to do would be to save all the needed info into a file… like location/HP/etc… but I have no idea how you can do that with python… :expressionless:

You must use Python. There are not Logic Bricks to do this currently. Here is a tutorial:

If you don’t know how to use Python in the BGE, read this one first (there are links to Python books and documentation at the top of this tutorial):

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Can I save what SCE the player is in?

Make one script that loads first every time you start the game. In this script define all your major game variables. Make one actuator that replace scenes.
Make one variable “g.currentLevel”, that have values, lets say from 1 to 3.
Save this variable with Python in txt file.
Load the *.txt with Python every time you start your blend.
Make the replace scene actuator with always sensor(true and false triggers must be deactivated)
Make in a little script in the begining that looks for g.currentLevel.
if g.currentLevel==1:
if g.currentLevel==2:

That should work…I’m not 100% sure but I’ll test something like this. Not with scenes but with .blend files., they will be the levels.

ok thanks butt won’t that load it up every time you start the game? I mean like once you complate a level you can select the next one from the menu if you quit.