Save game

Is anyone trying to make a save logic actuator?A save logic actuatorsaves your position,every property ,positions of enemys and objects in the game and you can restart the game from where you left off.I believe this should be posted on the bge roadmap suggestions thread.:cool:

As an actuator it currently does not exist. This is because many many things could be saved, and you have to chose what.
Things that could be saved/restored:

  1. Position
  2. Rotation
  3. Scaling
  4. Position in animation
  5. Mass
  6. Dynamics type (static, dynamic rigid body etc)
  7. Changes to UV mesh layout?? (as in UV scroll etc)

And the list goes on.
Yes, you could save all of them, but it may be in-efficient

There also exists a problem of formats
Possible formats:

  1. bge.saveGlobalDict
  2. text file named to .sav
  3. text file encoded by python of some description

#1 has the problem that it will not support multiple instances of the same object, as in objects added from the add-object actuator
#2 works OK for addObject objects, but reading and writing is a pain. Also the chance of a user editing values.
#3 works OK for addObject objects, reading and writing is a real bother now, but the user can’t edit values.

The reason this doesn’t exist at present is because there is no ideal solution.
If someone can think up a good way to do it, and outline it clearly, then I’m sure someone will be happy to do it (or they could learn how to do it themselves)