Save & Load

Can i got a load & save scripts?
this i want have it’s a script as saves scenes!
Can i got this script?

That is not very clear…
Can you make yourself clearer ?

I Cant Save Scenes or Load Scenes.
Have You a script as saves or load?
Can i got a script?

import Blender

Blender.Save("/tmp/foo.blend", 1)

this saves current blend file.

Thanks Basse but not this i mean.
i mean saves scenes in game.
and load.
as Pyton Script

i have no idea what you are talking about.
the scenes are saved when you save your blend file.


I think he’s talking about a save/load function in a game, so you can continue where you were after you quit the game. Not sure though…

he means to save a game In game while u pause the game and press save/load game
and then u exit the menu and return to play…
i dont think there is things like that in blender…

yea i have a tutorial on youtube how to do this

Yes That’s correct!

Not true. It is possible to save and load games.

Did you try the search function for one? I know for sure that I’ve seen one around here somewhere.