Save preferences/keymap file to user file, for manual save & restore

I’ve lost confidence in Blender’s ability to retain my custom keymaps, so is there a way to save a preferences file separate from Blender’s SAVE PREFERENCES, and to restore at the user’s convenience?

All of preferences - no. Keymaps - yes:

A word to the wise: attempting to export to some volumes will throw an error (probably a permissions issue on W10). It’s hard to miss that if failed: a giant dialog pops up and the status line turns red for a while --I really hate that alerts fade on their own, w/o the user doing ANYTHING. So if you don’t happen to see the status line text, “good luck ya schmuck ya shouldn’ta been snoozing!!1!” -Ton, probably. There’s no good reason to disappear a warning/clear a status line until the user DOES something with the program.

The big error dialog looks like this:

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