save render in blender

is there a way to save the all the render properties, so that wen i close and open blender i can continue working on the render nodes widawt having to render a new image

Taken from this page

The render option “Save buffers” will create a temporary .exr file with all passes. You can force re-reading this file in the Compositor window with hotkey “R”.

But it didnt seem to work for me even without closing blender.

Blender is now on Release Candidate 1 in CVS. What you are asking for is now a reality with the new MultiLayer OpenExr files, but it’ll cost ya. Compression is not yet supported so these files come with a HUGE hard disk pricetag. A 640 X 360 pixel image with 3 layers and 8 passes per layer cost me 16.8 MB of disk space. Once the devs begin supporting multilayer compression then none of this will be a problem. For the time being this new format is only good to most of us for stills as 30 seconds of video could more than easily wipe out a 250 gig hard drive.

tanks to bot of you

Hazza - its working for me…, just had to change the temp default dir to just \ , to save the image on the same dir off the file, but saves as .xml not .exr

RamboBaby - thats is really excellent, space is not a problem (350gb) but i not thinking on doing video and i want the files only wen i doing the composite after that i dont need it enimor

If you want to see an example of how to work with the multilayer files you can download my .blend here: