save rendered scene

i’ve rendered a scene but blender don’t save it on my desktop. what i’ve made wrong?

File >> Save Image.


ah ok and i can’t save it in the render settings?

This post talks about saving a movie, but the process is almost identical for a still image, just use a jpeg/png/tga/bmp for the output format

Use the RENDER button for a single image, then F3/Save Image to manually save, or use the ANIM button to automatically save (change the Sta: / End: to be the same if you only want one frame.


ok thanks this is what i want :slight_smile:


If you use ‘Render’ for a single image you need to save it manually. If you use ‘Anim’ to render a multi-frame animation it will save the result to the folder specified in the Output tab. Therefor, if you set frame start and end to 1 and use anim then you can save (automatic) a single-frame anim.

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