Save runtime in OSX (Tiger)


I’m running OSX, 10.4.8 on an Intel processor. With Blender 2.42, if I create a game and select “Save Runtime” I get “Unable to make runtime: Unable to find runtime”.

There’s a Blenderplayer executable in the Blender directory, but it says it’s a Unix Executable File. If I put an old version of the Blenderplayer into the directory, I can make the runtime, but the game physics is all screwed up. I think I need an up to date Blenderplayer, but the one that comes with the official release isn’t working for me. Any ideas what I should do differently?


OSX and the BGE, not a good combo, there are some py specific problems too, it’s a mess and no one cares. Sad really, but what can you do.

I would boot under linux for all your BGE work.

For what it’s worth, I downloaded the PPC version of Blender and used the Blenderplayer that came with that instead. And it works. At least, it seems to be working good enough… Go figure.