Save selected \ export selected addon?


is there such an addon available. save or export selected objects to .blend file?

btw…if i find .py files at github for example…can i install them the same way as .zip files?

thanks for help!

Yes and yes (actually, it depends, if the addons is a single .py file, yes it can, if it’s multi .py file, then most of the time you have to installed it as a zip or extract it manually)

here’s the addons that i used.
GitHub - CGCookie/io_export_blend: A relatively simple exporter to take selected objects, collections, or nodes and export them to their own private .blend file… with a couple neat little bonus features

And here’s the same addons on Blender Market if you want to support the development.
Export to Blend - Blender Market

thanks adrian, and how for ex. do i install this from github? do i have to make a zip from all the .py files first? do i have to add other files to the .zip?

you can download it from this 2 place, but most of the it’s recommended to download from the release section if they provide one (it usually the stable version, just download the source

And install it as any other addons

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thanks a lot adrian !

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seems it does not install in 3.5

you mean it doesn’t show on addons tab? then most likely it’s a folder name issue

can you go to your addons installation folder and check the name of the folder? if it’s includes the version number then you can rename it to this

I usually installed an addons manually so i always checked the folder name beforehand


have you checked the folder name i mentioned, it’s working just fine in my Blender 3.5.1

Your default addons installation folder is in here (windows)

C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.5\scripts\addons


%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.5\scripts\addons

in C:\ !! progamme !! \blender foundation\ blender3.5\3.5\ scripts\addons there was no “io_export_blend” folder. so i made one.
after trying again it brings up the same error message but with "no module named io_export_blend-1-2
any idea?

not your blender installation folder, but blender “user” folder

just press win-R and paste %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.5\scripts\addons

then enter, it will bring you to that folder

at his place there is the folder “io_export_blend-1-2” with all the files in it…

delete the -1-2

and also delete the one that you made before

don’t forget to restart your blender first

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puhhhh…ok great…, so i know now where these addons are located and also that i should always delete the version numbers ?

thats the folder if you want to manually extract the zip and put the folder/file into.

Not always, it depends, but usually it creates that problem

for a problem like before, sometime developer forgot to exclude the version number in their zip, or in case you download from the “download zip” in the main page, sometime the folder name includes the -main that often creates problem for some addons.

does it works now?

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yes. thanks again !

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No problem, and happy blending!

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addon is working but it brings up this error window… this “bl-info” is missing at the given path, the “” is exactly in that “addons” folder…

any idea? i think this error window was not there before… it is a “windows terminal info” window. if i close it, blender closes… :face_with_monocle:

thanks for help!

Are you sure that error came form the export blend addons? i don’t have any error on my “regular” blender with my custom preferences and lot of addons enabled (there’s an error but it’s from another unrelated addons)

I even test it on a clean Blender with default preferences and it also not giving any error when export or opening the file

…dont know…have only 2 external addons installed place reflection and the export to blend…

but this window is normally running and seen? and if i close it blender closes? …that is normal behaviour?..i didnt see it…ok, im new to blender…but work since some weeks with it :joy: