Save selected???

I have a blend file with about 50 different scenes within it. I wanted to append all of the objects from one of those scenes into a new blend file but couldn’t find an option for it?

I remember in my 3dsmax days there was an option to ‘Save selected’ so you could choose which objects to save into a new max file.

I’ve done a search on the forum but can’t find and reference to a similar thing in Blender. Does anyone know if this type of thing exists?



You make a new .blend file, append the scenes you want from the original file and then save.

Haha! I’m thick, I totally forgot to look in the scene list in the new blend file. Thanks for pointing out the obvious conclusion to me Pesho :slight_smile:

Still interested to know if there is a ‘Save selected’ option somewhere though.

There is no save selected option, but you can :
Invert selection.
Save as

Save selected is only available for export

Thanks Zeauro. I was thinking it would be great to have the save selected option in the situation where you are wanting to save a few objects from a blend file with lots of scenes in it. I remember using it a lot with 3dsmax.

Like pesho said, you can append a scene or a group.

Blender was thought to import little scenes to make a bigger one.
But not to explode a big scene into smaller scenes.

I mentioned it in few other threads but I’ll repeat it once again - please, add save select option! Appending is cool but saving selected objects as separate .blend is much much easier!

I understand what you mean zeauro, but rozmiarek is right that the ‘save selected’ idea is a lot easier.

in windows if you hold down the shift key and click on your blender icon it will start a second session of blender at that point you can cut and paste what is selected into the new session of blender and save it.

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