Save the phone

Hi community!

After learning so much from this great forum (thx to all) and finally halfway progressing in blender, I have started a little project.
Explanation: as the title says, it’s going to be a poster-like picture resembling something like posters from the world wildlife foundation. Except, this will be about the dying out old analog phones. It shows an analog phone which has commited suicide by hanging itself after knowing his owner has just recieved his new mobile phone.
There will be a contract hanging from the table with the words “congratulations to your new mobile phone!!! You can now get rid of your old phone!!!” or something in that direction. The room will get filled with more furniture to fill some spaces and lighting will get tweaked. Maybe I’ll even use another rendering machine. i will also try to get some DOF to work, but after hours of trying around i gave up on that…
i turned the body of the phone from the neck down a bit, because his neck snapped when dropping. his face will be colored a little blue/purple, because I guess thats what happens in such a situation. I am thinking of modelling arms to him which are just hanging down to exaggerate him being dead. The mobile would have two hands helping express his misbelief.

I will remodel the big phone on the table. That was just a try. Looks too newish.

In postprocessing I will try to make a posterlike image with a logo, headline, a text like “he couldnt stand being 2nd best”, a hotline number and an account number for donations.

I am still having problems with lighting and lack of skills in modelling/texturing and such, but this is helping me greatly to develope. And its a heck of fun!!!

greetz Jason


Phone-a-side!!! LOL!

It looks really good and I like the humor. My only suggestion would be to show more of the picture below below the hanging phone so it isn’t just on the bottom edge of the picture. I’ll enjoy watching this progress!