Save Theme Script

did anyone heard about that py ?
I could not find it in the help menu and it should come with blender distribution right?
anyway I found scipts on the CVS

Some python scripts are included with Blender. Open a script window and click menu option “Script”. A menu opens with several categories of scripts.

If this wasn’t a satisfying answer, please clarify your question.

yes I know that
that is precisely the point
where is that script in the menu ?

It’s under Export.


now it is getting weird
are we sure we are talking about the same software ?

nop I checked it is not in the export submenu
or maybe it is called something else ?

The entry in the menu says: “Save Current Theme”.
I don’t think it could be more explicit.


I know it should be there !!!
or is it maybe because I got the zip file instead of the installer
anyway I just found out blender 2.35 is out :stuck_out_tongue:
sorry did not know
and the script is there :slight_smile:
thx anyway


I think there is a bug in the scripts menu

I’ve frequently had scripts dissappear from the menu.

When I installed the most recent build, I had to delete everything and reinstall before it would display some scripts.