Save timer

Is there a script to make Blender save ur file every 5 minutes, I guess it’d be nice for more people who don’t like to save everytime and since recover last session recovers something from ages ago i’d be nice.

it already saves it every five minutes… thats what the .blend1 .blend2 .blend3 … etc files are in the directory where your file is

Its in the preferences to auto save, however I would still like to see the script if possible?

I dont see any value of a script being able to adjust this. how would you use it?

If I wanted to repeat another script so many times…so for this idea…
If I could generate a few different trees by using a timed script (basically so I could leave it over night or over a few days and find it done.)

woot how didn’t i ever notice? So how do u actually open the .blend1?

just open them like a normal blend file.

I thought the blend1 file was just a backup of your previous save. Like Autocad, when you save a file it first copies the original to drawingname.bak…

On Windows the autosave goes into c:\windows emp. They have funny names :slight_smile: