Save & Transfer UI Preferences to New Builds?

The new releases of Blender are always fun, but, for me, they’re always slightly dampened by the fact that I always have to go in and reset my user preferences and re-install all the add-ons I’ve downloaded.

To solve the add-on issue, I have a little workaround where I created a new folder and have duplicates of all the .PY files so that I can later on again copy drop them into the relevant folder.

But for the user preferences, is there an existing solution to automatically transfer your controls and other settings to the new builds? It’s not a big deal, but it would save me about 10 minutes or so of messing around with things whenever the new version comes out, right at the moment when I’m most excited to dive into it.

File/User Preferences/Input/Export Key Configuration… (Bottom of page)

Thanks a lot!

That saves ‘Key’ configuration, but what about User Preferences?
I’ve always just hit Cntrl + U and the next Blender version I open finds it somewhere.

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\BlenderVersion#\config\startup.blend…

opening this file in your newer version of blender will restore all of your older settings, including hotkeys and all, but be carefull if the version difference is too great it may cause problems.
This handy little file even restores some of the code alterations you may have made to the normal blender scripts. (doesnt actually modify the scripts, you may have to do that again manually)

uhm… forgot to mention that that is a windows path, im not exactly sure were the startup file is on another os, but if you are not sure you can always just search for startup.blend on your drive.