Save UV Face Layout Error


After a search, I guess I’m the only lucky person with this error. I have version 2.36.

When trying to save a uv set, I get the following error: File “<string>”, line 132, in bevent IndexError: list index out of range.

Now, the script had been working. I’ve saved the whole head UVs once (renamed it) and then just the eyelashes, lips, eyebrows (renamed it). Then, I decided to change way the uvs [lips, etc.] were layed out on the light grey area; I deleted the old .tga and tried to save the latter UVs again and keep getting the above error. Just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could I?

Well, I read a script once, and I just learned how to program my vcr, so I really need your help with this so I can go on to painting those UVs I worked so long and hard on.

Thanks in advance,

hm. maybe try selecting all faces in face select mode, then exporting.
<edit> you can return to object mode after selecting btw, i didn’t mean try to export while in face select mode. never tried that.


Sorry, but I fixed it myself. I had made a duplicate set of eyelashes to practice stuff with, and forgot I made them. After I found them by accident (well, there’s twenty levels!) I deleted them and everything’s OK now. I saved the unwrap, painted them and returned them; they’re simply beautiful!

I couldn’t have done the unwrap without your’s and Greybeard’s tut.
Thanks guys!