Save UV face layout error

Hi, for some reason this script isn’t working for me with 2.37a.

On running the script I get the error “from math export *”

any ideas


P.S. python path is set up in my bash.rc for V2.3

You don’t need the math import .

Go to the line 88 and replace this

from math import *

by :

#from math import *

Then go to the line 241 and replace this :

step = int(size*sqrt((co1[0]-co2[0])**2+(co1[1]-co2[1])**2))

by :

step = int(size*((co1[0]-co2[0])**2+(co1[1]-co2[1])**2)**0.5)

Thanks a million jms that did the trick.
Your a good man.

But there is always a problem with the math lib . You have to install a complete python on your system .

Thanks for the heads up.

You can also try this script :

It allows you to save the picture in several different formats not only in TGA .

Thanks again jms, very helpful indeed.


I’m getting an error in Blender CVS 11-17-05 and 11-06-05 on the Save UV Face Layout.

screen shot