Saved animations / Adding loops

This may sound stupid but how do you save the animations files and then how would you add a loop?

ou don’t have to save. In F10, Output tab, you type in the directory of the folder you want to save to. In the Format tab you select the format you want it saved as, QT and AVI’s will be saved as a single file and the Image formats will be saved as a sequence of images. Then hit ANIM and they will be written to said folder.

To add a loop open the Sequence Editor and add the above file(s) as a Movie or Images, hit N and set the frame start and end and loop(s). You can do that in a New file so it doesn’t rerender the whole scene all over again. This time (whenever you use the sequence editor) click the DoSequence button below the ANIM button and hit Anim.


Thanks. :slight_smile: