Saved scene exploding

Upon opening a saved scene several of the objects are moved/scaled/rotated from their original positions when I saved it. I noticed that these objects have animation keyframes in the timeline(I believe I accidentally enabled autokeying), but scrubbing the timeline does nothing. What is going on here, and why on earth would this happen when opening a saved scene? I’ve also noticed this behaviour sometimes when I import/export .fbx files. It’s driving me insane.

I use Blender purely for modeling so have no experience with the animation tools, but I noticed that this random translation was also happening while modeling in the scene. I would have to ctrl+Z to fix it. I’m using 2.83 so have no idea if this is a bug or what?

Also, I’ve noticed that applying transforms and using the ‘visual geometry to mesh’ command sometimes shoots objects off in crazy translations. I’m a long time 3ds Max user so I’m used to just collapsing the Xform(apply transformations) and never have to worry about this craziness happening.

I want to get to the root of this because it’s seriously interrupting my modeling in Blender. Thanks.

Perhaps you inserted a keyframe without noticing. The object is then keyed to this specific location at this specific time.
Now, since you only model you might have moved the object afterwards, continued to model and never touched the timeline. Had you scrubbed the timeline the object would have jumped back to its keyed positon.

Then you saved and reloaded and the object is back to the frame where it was keyed to.

This does not happen in Max because Autokey is on by default while in Blender Autokey is off.

Regarding the xForm thing. Is it usually objects that are causing problems that are linked to other scaled objects? If so, I have trouble with this too. I don’t think it is bug. It is just a rather strange bahavior they chose which I don’t really understand.

Yes, I think this was it. I’ve since used the ‘clear’ functions to restore some of the positions. I’ve also selected everything and used ‘remove animation’ to clear all that data. Then I finally centred all origins and applied transformations. I’ve saved an increment and everything is fine on reopen.

This makes sense and something I’l have to watch out for in future.

Maybe it works differently in Blender, but in Max Autokey is off by default and has to be enabled. I did notice that I saved my startup .blend with the Auto Keying button active so this was surely the issue.

No, I’m pretty sure it was the animation that was the issue. I try to always translate in edit mode and apply translations(collapse Xform) often. Thanks for the help.

Ah, yes you are right. I mixed something up.
Anyway, in Blender it can happen that you accidentially hit hotkeys for keying. Hitting “i” followed by “o” for example sets a location and rotation key. These keys are right next to each other, so it has happened to me that i butterfingered over them and these keys were set.
After pressing i a menu pops up and you have to press o to set the key but if you do it really quickly you barely notice it.

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Yes, definitely. The more I think of it the more I’m sure I bashed the autokeying hotkey as I’m sure I remember seeing an ‘autokeying is on’ text message displayed at the top of the 3D view. Thanks.