saves as untitled.blend

I am using blender 2.69 on Kubuntu 14.04.
I have saved a blender file as testing01a.blend and then saved it as the startup file along with some window changes.
When I close blender and then reopen it, I have all my window changes and what looks like the file testing01a.blend which I had saved as the statrup file but it is labled untitled. So I do a save as testing01a.blend and I then see that on the title bar of blender. I make some changes to the file and go to save it and it’s back to untitled.blend and saves that way not the file that I’m working on. This is fustrating since I’m working on a certain file that I want to save as that file instaed of having to go into save as… every time I want to save. Blender must have some peculiarity when it comes to handling files that I’m not understanding.

No peculiarity, this is the way TEMPLATES work in every software, when you save a startup file you are designating the format and elements of every NEW file that is created.

Like every other modern program, if you want to work on a file you have already worked on, you have to OPEN that file.

In Blender you can do this from the splash screen that shows when you first start Blender, the top file on the right should be the last file that you worked on; from the ‘recent’ files in the file menu; just the open command and then use the file browser to navigate to it:; or (depending on your OS) you can start Blender by double clicking on the file that you want to work on.

I suppose there may be a program that automatically opens the last file you worked on, and you may well be able to write a script for Blender that does so and runs at startup bu this is not standard behavior in anything.

P.S. You might want to try checking the ‘keep session’ checkbox in the prefs to see how that works for you.

I will try the keep session checkbox, because even when I open a blender file from the file manager, it will still revert to untitled. Thanks.

This is not expected behavior. Do you have write privileges on your system Kubuntu is unknown to me but this sounds like you are not allowed to overwrite.
hace you tried to ‘save as’ an do you get the same result?