Saving a composited image

I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong here but the render window shows my image correctly composited but when I save the image, it goes back to being uncomposited. If I set it to save an RGB image, it’s fine but RGBA misses out the blurred bits at the side so I’m really confused :eek:

Looks like this:

Should be like this:

I’ve only just learned nodes so don’t be too harsh! Thanks!


Your nodes weren’t set up to affect the alpha channel, so your final image had the same alpha as the original (i.e. without the blur). I’ve attached a .blend in which I’ve performed the same blur and mix on the alpha channel (I grouped and duplicated some of your nodes to do this).

Hope this helps.


night with alpha.blend (670 KB)

Wow, thank you very much! That works great :smiley: Do you know why all the text in blender goes black after I render something in that file? Thanks again :yes:


Glad it helped. I don’t notice the text changing colour but I might be using a different version of Blender (I compile the latest version from SVN).

Yeah, it might be. I have another question. In the render window, I can see different amounts of transparency and opacity but in the saved image, it just seems to be continuous. Any ideas?

PS: I accidently overwrote the image above so it shows the latest render.