Saving a custom door in Archipack

Hi Folks:

I modified one of the stock doors in archipack, assigned the materials that I am using, added a bounding box for booleans (B/C I am not using archipack walls), as well as an empty to control the model with – it works great, now when I try to save it as a preset, all I get is the original door that I have modified, none of the modifications in my presets. Im not sure what I am missing here – googling under “Save a custom object in archipack” and “Create a custom object in archipack” are not turning up results that I am able to use, likewise, I am not finding anything that helps on the Archipack wiki pages. Im in blender 2.79 with the latest available update to archipack

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


As far as my understanding goes:

  • you can save as a preset all what you can modify using Archipack properties- sliders, dropdowns; no additional stuff (added bounding box, Empties as you mention)
  • you save your material names in “material sets”, pairs of “DefaultName”-“YourMaterialName” for doors or windows; actual material nodes (i assume you use Cycles) wont get saved.
    -to make an opening in a wall made of a default Cube it’s enough to select a wall, Shift select door or a window and click Archipack Tools AutoBoolean button.

If for some reason you can not see object icons in Archipack preview selector Blender’s Window - ToggleSystemConsole might give some clues what went wrong.

Hope helps.

Enable experimental features in archipack’s addon preferences
You’ll find Custom objects toolset.
Save your Custom objects and use any asset manager to reload into another scenes.
There is also a “draw tool” for such objects, to “paint” clones over walls and make auto-booleans according.