saving a file and textures to move to another computer?

this seems like a weird question but how do I save a file so that I can move it to another computer and also keep my textures and materials intact?

I have started a model and I have to planes with images uv mapped onto them, when I save and open my main computer they are fine. But when I move that folder, the WHOLE folder I pretty sure there is nothing I’m leaving behind, over to another computer the image planes area a solid color. no images… and this is a pain in the ass since I’m still new to the workings of blender!


File->External Data->Pack Into Blend

You’ll notice an icon (of a PACKage) appears next to the help menu in the main window’s menu.
This same icon appears beside each filename input for images and sound. You
can pack items on a one-by-one basis, or all in one fowl-swoop, like we did, from the menu.

Even if the textures are in the same folder, the whole path itself changes and blender cannot find them. Either fix the path or try the File -> pack data function. This should store the texture in the .blend file for easier transfer.

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I second that packing is the most simple way.
But the folder method works too, but you have to enable the “relative paths” button found in the file open window whenever you load an image into blender.
Happy blending!

Awesome THanks Peeps