Saving a file as a [email protected]

why does blender not want to save an adjusted file, instead saves it as a [email protected] file

i use 2.69 but i assume they all do it

What? Please rephrase your question. “Adjusted file” makes no sense.

i saved a file okay.
adjusted something in a shape
saved again and got the problem

What problem?

You save a new file, you open it later and modify it and save it again. The original file is replaced with the new one and a backup is created (usually ending with .blend)

Where does your problem begin?

sadly blender does not allways do what you say.
it sometimes says it cannot save and saves it as a [email protected] file
like i said.
i guess you have never heard of this before

try to open a new file
then append objects from your other file and save it then see if you still get same problem

happy bl

what will it mean if i get the same message?
what is the usual cause of [email protected] files?

you might have some corrupted data mesh

are you in 2.79 or 2.9
i can give you a code snippet to find bad datablock

then you might be able to delete it and redo it manually

happy bl

OP is using version 2.69, see the first post.

I found an old thread:

Seems like the problem happens when saving is interrupted, usually due to outdated hardware or other issues that might make blender unresponsive while saving.

i would suggest to move to the latest version
which is faster and has a lot more tools !

happy bl

thanks all
have to stay with 2.69.
i saved it with another name and it was okay