Saving a game to a EXE file

Hey, I have recently created a house (just a single simple mash without materials or anything) and I want to create a .EXE file.

I have done the tutorial of
and I downloaded that “walkthrough_template.blend”, imported my file into it and tried it with -P-. It WORKED, but now I wanted to safe it to a excecutable file. So that somebody else can see my house, and walk through it without having to ninstalled blender.

How can i save this file to a exe file??

press file then press save runtime. simple :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried but when I then launch that .exe file (I saved it as house.exe) blender got launched and I get a error. -A file is missing blabla SDL.dll blabla could create problems when installing file again blabla. Really anoying.

Anybody know a suitable awnser?

(p.s. when I press P in blender everything workes perfectally except for all the walls are white and some walls are missing… ay ideas?)

oh what u have to do is make a folder and do a scan for the 2 files it ask for in that folder and the exe

one solution :
copy both *.dll s into the directory in which your exe file is.

other solution :
use blender2.5 - sdl.dll is not needed then .

You have to use vertex painting and or UV mapping in the game engine.

UV mapping