Saving a pose to the Pose Library directory

I seek to develop a pose library in a directory that can can share it poses with other .blend files. I understand this to be a new feature in Blender 3. But I do not se a way to do it.

  1. In the Preferences editor type’s “File Paths” tab’s “Asset Libraries” panel I entered the library name “User Library”, and set its associated path to “/home/me//Documents/Blender/Assets”.

  2. In the “3D Viewport” editor type I select the bones that are to be in the pose.

  3. In the “Asset Browser” editor type I select “User Library” and enter this category tree:


In the above category tree I highlight “Hand”.

  1. In the “3D Viewport” editor type enter “N” to display panels. I select its “Animation” tab., and expand its “Pose Library” panel. In its selection box I change from “Current File”, to “User Library”.

  2. With the i key I insert into the “Dope Sheet” editor type a Rotation key frame.

  3. The “Pose Library” panel’s “Create Pose Asset” button is grayed out. It remains grayed out until “Current File” is selected in the “Asset Browser”, making it impossible, at least as far as I can see, to enter the pose into the Assets directory.

Should it be possible to enter pose assets into the “Assets” directory? If so how?

In the outliner, I believe if you just Right click and mark the Pose as an asset… Just remember to save the file, in your assets directory…

Is this file that is to be saved in that assets directory the entire .blend file the poses were created in? Or is the file to be saved there generated for a single pose from that .blend file?

Watch this video, starting at 7:12 into it…