Saving a posed mesh...


I am wondering if it is possible to pose an object with an armature and then somehow save that pose so you can edit the vertices in that pose?

Thanks, Dominiek.

As far as I know you can’t edit a pose, only the model on which it was based and it’s armature. That’s what pose mode is about: manipulating the armature of a given mesh to alter it’s appearance without altering a single vertex.
What is the problem you’ve encountered for which you need to do that? Maybe we can help :slight_smile:

Hi Charlesworth999 and thanks.

I do’nt really have a problem at this point.
I’m just learning “to Blender” and am doing Ryan’s Tutorial Intro To Character Animation.

My aim down the road is to create stills, not animations, but I want to be able to pose a mesh with an armature and then somehow “save” that posed mesh so it becomes a new mesh-object that can be edited on vertex level, if you know what I mean.


Use the armature to set up the pose, then select the mesh in Object mode and do Object menu-> Scripts-> Apply Deformation. This will create a copy of your mesh with the vertex deformations built in. I tested the script in 2.42a; no guarantees if you are using a CVS version.

Hello CD38 and thanks.

I succeeded by pressing the ‘Apply’ button in the Armature Modifier in the Modifiers panel.
So it works. Cool! :slight_smile:

Have a great 2007,

Hmm … Too bad, ‘Apply’ in the Aramture Modifier does’nt work anymore when there are ‘Shape keys’. :frowning:

Then use the script that CD38 suggested. I just tested it and it worked with the “Ryan” character … and with a CVS (pre 2.43) version too :slight_smile:


Hi Mike_S and thanks.

Yes the script works but it also applies the subsurf of the Subsurf Render Level.
You can not go lower than 1, so the mesh gets divided once.
And with the ‘Apply’ Button of the Armature Modifier, the mesh does not get divided, but it does’nt work when Shape Keys are assigned.

Will work around it by not adding Shape Keys and doing facial expressions manually with vertex groups.

Thanks for the help,