Saving a rendered AVI

I’ve dug through the Knowledge Base, and actually found what I was looking for, but the link is to the site, which doesn’t work anymore.

So I was wondering, once I’ve rendered an AVI (to the point that pushing the “Play” button displays it perfectly, how do I save that?


Your AVI is already saved. In the display buttons (F10), the box in the very upper-left is the render path. Whenever you hit the Anim button it saves either an image sequence or an AVI (depending on the file format you selected). Go to that directory- which is normally c:\render\ if you’re on a windows machine and find your animation. If you didn’t specify a name, it will name it with the frame numbers. So if your animation is rendered from 1-250 frames as an AVI, it will be called “0001_0250.avi”

Yeah, it’s a bit weird how you can’t save to file, but it should be in the save render directory which is defaulted to c:\render.

Might not be there if you use XP. My computer has helpfully put the render folder at C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Not a Number\Blender\render.