Saving an animation as a video

I made a cloth simulation that I would like to share but I have no idea how to save it as a video.

In the render panel I have hit animate and let it render all frames but where do I go from there?

Please be descriptive I’m not very acclimated to Blender

if you haven’t changed the defaults, the animation should be in your tmp folder. for future reference, the top file path box in the Output panel of the Rendering subcontext (furthest left) is where a animation is to be written to. Click the little folder icon to change it.

Also make sure you save it in the correct format (ie, in a video format ), or you will have a whole bunch of pictures (which you can fix easily; if you have that problem just say so)

aaahh i figured it out i forget to hit the “set codec” button ty tho