Saving anim sequence from File output nodes only?

Hi all!
I´m rendering a sequence with different passes from 3 different render layers for compositing in After Effects. They are mostly pngs, but one pass is cin, to get a higher colorspace. When I tried to re-render with ANIM, I could not get the passes to be written in the folders I designated them to. Only if I pushed “Render”, the file output node wrote the frame. The first render worked, but I needed to change some things and add some passes.

When I use the F10 output I can re-render and save one pass, but the other passes does not get written (when using ANIM).

How can I (re-)render out passes, only using the File output node without using the F10 output.

I am not doing any compositing in Blender, i just want to render out separate render layers with different passes.

I hope anyone understands my question?

Just plug a file output node in wherever you want to save a pass in your node setup. When you render the animation, it automatically saves the files. Very useful if you want to see how the same animation would look with different postfx without having to rerender the whole thing.

Yeah, I know about the file output nodes, that is what I am using. The problem i´m having is that the nodes won´t write the file the second time I render. I have moved the allready rendered frames, unchecked the No owerwrite, tried different builds. The renderlayers are checked, all layers are selectet, the camera is chosen.

I´ll make a new file and see if the problems linger on. Thanks anyway.