Saving Animations as .gifs

Is there any way to save animations as .gif animations?? I think I saw someone do it. That would be really helpful to me.

Also, is there any way to make the background transparent? Thanks in advance.

as for the GIF: I don’t know. If you know for sure it has been dealed with sooner, make a search through the forums.

as for the transparent background. In Render settings, choose an picture file type that supports alpha channels (TGA or PNG are fine for this), choose RGBA just below these. Perhaps you also have to select Premul instead of Sky also, but I’m not sure of this, my memory fails (someone will certainly shortly confirm this). Then render and open your image in Gimp: the background is transparent.

Hope this helps.

About transparent backgrounds, not exactly the same question, but it confirms that you should use Premul (or Key) to achieve the effect you want:

not in blender directly, you’d have to convert to it in another app

which I consider a good thing [that it isn’t part of blender] because those other apps have a lot of work to do that blender really shouldn’t have to think about [pallatizing, perhaps dropping identical frames…]

so, while you can use the gimp [you would like to have the video plugin], if possible I suggest you look at the paint shop pro animation shop [comes with paint shop pro, and possibly the demo too]

hell, you may be able to get away with MS gif animator…

well anway, in the gimp you’d load all of the frames into individual layers [the video plugin makes it easy], and the layer name specfies [in parenthhesiss at the end] how long the frame is. there are a few other things you can specify there [like blend mode, options are overlay and replace iirc], but you should look up some proper information on that if that is the direction you want to go.

I would save it as a .avi right?

An animated GIF would be saved as a GIF. If it is saved as a .AVI then it is a video.