Saving Animations

Can anyone please tell me how to save an animation as an mpg? Thanks. :]

Blender won’t do it as far as I know. So either save it as a no-compression AVI or a series of TGA frames and take them into After Effects or some other program and have it convert them to an Mpeg.

an MPEG is a form of encoding an AVI to compress and save space. To save an MPEG, you just need an MPEG codec. For example, the XviD codec is an MPEG codec that is free and works well. In the format tab, select AVI Codec as your output format, and in the popup box, choose an MPEG codec. Blender will render out to a movie clip file; the extension will be avi, but you can rename it to MPG if you wish.

If you dont see a MPEG compliant codec in your drop-down list, visit Xvid or DivX and download it and install it on your computer. Then restart Blender and it will be there in that list.