Saving as avi

Hello, I am new here and new to blender. I have only been using it for a week or so, but i’m starting to get the hang of it. I have been reading all the tutorials I can find. I know I shouldn’t be concerned with animation yet but I was messing around with it and got it to work. My question and its a dumb one is, where does the animation get saved at and how do you change the location? I set up my render, format and output values acording to a tutorial. It is set to render in avi codec.When I press play in the timeline my animation does what I want, then it says to hit the big anim button in the anim tab to start. I do that and it goes through the animation. Where does it go and is it saving as a avi video?

I found a folder in my c drive TMP but it only saves screen shots of my animation. What am I doing wrong. You can save as a video right??

Thanks to anyone who can help and sorry for the beginer question.

O if anyone knows a tutorial that goes over saving and viewing your animation please post a link and I will read it.

Thanks again.

InRender Buttons, select Output tab, top slot is where you select destination path for rendered pics or animations. Just click the file icon and browser window opens.

Thanks but how come it saved it as jpg. screenshots. I had the format set to record as avi codec indeo. What did I do wrong to save as video?

As long as you have your avi codec selected under the format buttons window, your output directory selected under the output buttons window, and you hit the ANIM button under the anim buttons window, it should output fine.

goto the output directory you specified and a .avi should be there.

If you still have trouble after double checking all that then post a screen shot of blender showing your scen settings in the buttons window (F10).

Thanks it worked that time. I dont know what I did wrong before.

Thanks again.