Saving as jpeg is blurry?

When I try to save a file as a jpeg its really blurry, Is there a setting or something I am missing? Thanks.

Don’t save as jpeg.

If you REALLY want to, set the quality to 100%.

What should I save as then? I thought Jpeg`s were the most common format.

jpegs are a great format

for images on the web, they suck for anything you want quality on

use png [lossless compression] instead

PNG is generally best! JPG should be saved if images look similar to photos. JPG picture information is based on sinuswaves, therfore sharp edges doesn’t look good if low compression… as a square wave contains many many sinuswaves with very high frequency if it looks ok. If some high frequencies are left away, you get some bounces in amplitude around where the edges of the square wave is. I mostly save in JPG, but if I want some small sharp edges to look good I save in PNG. Also if there is much of a same color PNG is best to use, but saving a photo with PNG you might not end up with a small file at all!

GIF is also good for sharp edges in images with less than 256 colours.

I read this and gave it a go but I cant get it to save anything but a .jpg ?
I have changed the format in the Scene>Format tab and when I “save image” it give the button marked “select format” instead of “save jpeg”, I change the file extention to .png in the file name box but it didnt save anything when I hit the button ?

I cant find anything about it in the doc,
How do I do it ?

Its OK ive just got it to work :smiley:

Ok, thanks. I have not tried saving as anything else, but png was my next choice.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I didnt even know that you could adjust the quality of jpg’s in blender.
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