Saving as jpeg

Is there a way to save my creations as a jpeg? I want to print them up.

In 2.55

File > Save image (the option to save in various formats will be on the side of the file browser that comes up)

Or you can also take screen snaps of the screen to store them in any format through simply paint.

And why one earth would you want to do it that way? Or what if you’re rendering an image that’s really big?

Really bad advice.

welcome to the forums, after rendering your image(in the window that appears) you can hit Image > Save As then select .jpg and save

there’s also a keyboard shortcut to save images once you’re in the Image Editor/Render window. just press F3 :smiley:

Welcome to BlenderArtists, by the way :smiley: May the Blend be with you

@dimfry - that is kind-of a strange way to do it in this case, but there are certain situations where that does come in handy…doesn’t happen often though :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the help. I am new to this kind of art and am sort of proud of my creation.
This is incredibly fun though.

I would not recommend to save to .jpg if doing print. Use .png instead.

Yeah. No need to say why. I only save something in jpg when I’m forced to. I’m very used to png and sometimes tga as raster graphics formats.