Saving backgroung Images with the file

I am doing the Modeling Kara tutorial and have all 3 background Images loaded in and have closed and opened the file many times and all 3 images load in correctly.
I copied the files to a flash drive an loaded them into my laptop, but when I load the file my model loads in but no images load in.
So I guess none of the images got copied in the transfer.
How do I get all 3 images saved and copied to a flash drive to use on another computer?
I can do this in Blender 2.49b


Blender only saves the file paths, so if the directory structure is the same(or relative), the images will load.

If you want to save the images into the .blend file, use File -> External Data -> Pack into .blend file

Oh Yes, I forgot about that. I’ve been learning to model only right now.