Saving Baked Textures

I tend to dip in and out of blender throughout the day, doing an hour of work here and there between other things, so I close and open it a lot. Annoyingly though, every time I close blender, my baked textures seem to be lost. I can bake textures on a while scene, but the next time I open blender, everything is black again, and has to be rebaked. This is annoying How can I make baked tetures persist, and only delete when I want them to ?

Here’s my advice:

Open the UV/Image Editor window, bake the texture, and then save the image.

Hope it works.

nope :frowning:

not working. Alternate suggestions?

Are you packing the textures into your file? This should preserve them in your blend file so reopening this file would find they are still referenced, and possible then you only need to reload same images in the viewer.

Clearly, I’m not, nor do I know how to.
Care to explain?

Several methods - in the image editor, choose your image to show there and then press ‘image’ and choose ‘pack image’.
Also, you can use ‘File’ > ‘External Data’ > ‘pack into .blend file’.

Yay. Packing works perfectly. Thank you :smiley:

Don’t suppose you could help with my other question: