Saving Corporal Can

Let’s take another shot at posting this; it’s my latest Blender animation, and a concatenation of war, violence, heroism, farce, pre-adolescent fantasy and cheesy public service announcement.

Enjoy … more at my own site:

(I tried posting in Finished Projects, which it is, but it’s not getting approved for some reason – maybe because it’s the first thing I have posted here … ? Mods … ?)

Haha, this is great. I have no idea why nobody else has replied to this yet.

haha loved it. The sound and textures could need more work, - but nevermind that… the movie was awsome. :wink:

first ive seen of it dude.

but i gotta say WOW :D, although for some reason after they rescued corporal can, i was expecting all of them to get shot to pieces, but hey thats my sick humour.

still it totally rocked dude

Ahah , very good, and unexpected end ! Good work !

I like the concept, but it was too long, I got bored and did not finish watching it.

I loved it! although, like stvndysn, I was expecting more to happen at the end.

I didn’t listen to it with sound on, so no thoughts there. Animation was good, impressive actually with all the cans you had running around. The toon style made it different. Not worse, not better, but different. I liked the variation in textures on the cans.

Very nice.

Well, I, for one, was thoroughly entertained for about five minutes, and the “surprise ending” was wonderful. You have a :cool: twisted :cool: sense of humor!

Was it “Pixar?” Uhh, no. Was it fun? Yes!

Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Five minutes of entertainment was exactly what I was after.

I know the execution was rough in spots, but I am a one-man operation (with a wife, kids, job etc.) And just getting all those cans to follow directions was enough of a task. (And then there was the lawsuit over a “hostile work environment.”)

I wanted to tell the story – to me that’s the key. Blender’s just the tool. I would rather do a good narrative with so-so effects than a bunch of effects with no story or characters.

My next story features the wooden girl in my avatar. Should take a few months …