Saving files as bmp files for second life


I’m a newbie so excuse the simple question.
Can someone tell me how I can save my work as myobject.bmp, so that I can use it in second life. At the the moment I can only save as myobject.blend.

your question denotes some confusion…
BMP is an image file format but .BLEND is “internal” Blender file format!
In other words, you make an object/scene in Blender, save your work as “My_Object.blend”, then do a “render” and save the resulting image as “My_Object.bmp” or JPG or PNG or whatever!
If you want to “import” your Blender made object in Second Life, you’ll need a Blender script I guess?!

render button looks like a regular camera, not a movie camera, under output tell it what kind, and where u want to render. to render press f 12

Just in case there are other Second Life users that use this forum I am going to answer my own question.
Inorder to get a 3d object into second life you have to create a sculty map which is a 2 dimensional file. You can do this by downloading some software called Jass-2 from the following web site.

Jass-2 (Just another sculptie studio)

You didnt state where you are saving them from; the net? camera? scanner? If saving from the net, try clearing your internet cache under Tools/Internet Settings. IF from a scanner, there is usually a setting that you can change for the default file type when scanning. Your camera is probably similar but I havent seen a camera save in bmp format, but some might.