Saving Files?

Hi, I’m a little perplexed on how to save or export my models to another folder OTHER THAN blender’s default folder (using version 2.49).

Basically, I’d like to be able to save whatever I’m working on to a personal folder, so if blender somehow gets corrupt (don’t laugh, it can happen) or I need to uninstall the program for some reason, I don’t lose all of my projects.

Also, I’d like export some models as .obj files to use in another program, but after exporting, the files are only visible through blender’s interface and there doesn’t seem to be any options to export them elsewhere.

I’ve searched nearly the entire net and can’t find an answer to this problem… I mean wtf… am I missing something here? :confused:

Navigating your harddrive

Ah-ha! I now see what I was doing wrong… never clicked on the breadcrumb listings (cuz I thought they were some useless microsoft garbage) and that’s where all my folders are. I’m such a doof… :o

Thanks for pointing that out, Richard… I really appreciate it. :smiley: