saving games

I have finished my game but now I can not figure out how to export or save it as a game you can just play.
can somebody help me?

if you looked in the game list you would have seen a load save script.
in this file it should be a simpel load save script

All it has is lots of .blend files.

%| Hmm, are you talking about creating a runtime? A .exe file for your game? One where you just double click on and your game starts up?

If you are just go to File->Save Runtime. Navigate to where you want to put the .exe file, name it and press Enter and you’re ready to go.

Jason Lin

sorry, i thaught you wanned a save/load script.

yes, I want a startup that will just startup my game. but, I have a mac so .exe files will not work on my computer.
is there any way I can put it in a mac compatible file?
and when I try to save run time there is an error thats says
cannot find runtime

Hmm, are you using Blender 2.34. If you’re still using 2.33a then you’ll definitely get an error.

The other problem might be is that runtimes can only be created for Windows. I think z3r0_d said it before, but I can’t quote him on that. Ahh, get a PC :smiley: . Hmm, I might be wrong and maybe runtimes can be created for OS’s other than Windows. :expressionless: I hope I’m wrong on that for your sake. Well, if you can’t create runtimes you could always just distribute the .blend of your finished game.

*Note: .exe’s are just another way of opening your game. The .exes can be opened by Blender and people will be able to see your scripts, textures, etc no matter what you do. Currently there’s no protection against that so if you can’t make a .exe just distribute the .blend file.

Jason Lin

how can you open exe’s in blender? i get some unknown error

in 2.25 you can just open them

I haven’t tried 2.34, but if blender can’t do it it should be pretty easy to seperate the exe from the .blend because they are essentially just appended [the .blend to the .exe]