saving games

hi, i am fairly new to blender and i was wondering
is there a way to save my game onto a floppy disk or CD so someone else can play it?

:wink: Another simple question.

Most likley your game would be too big for a floppy disk to hold (unless it’s under 1.44MB). So if you have a cd burner, just get a blank cd and burn your game onto the cd. If you want it to autostart by just double make sure the game is a .exe. You can create runtimes in the game engine. (Files->Save Runtime). This way the person can play the game without having Blender installed. If some python was used make sure to include Python-2.3.4.exe for the Blender 2.34 version. If your game was made in another version and used python, just include the correct version of python.

Jason Lin

in the folder that you save your runtime/dynamic runtime into, should also be the files: blenderplayer.exe, python23.dll, and SDL.dll

thank you for the help. i’m sure i will have more questions in the future

[EDIT] I can’t seem to remember that guy who had a save-game script, he was supposed to put it in a game I and Baboon were GOING TO make. Turned out I didn’t get anything done, and the “save-guy” didn’t answer to any of my posts. I WOULD REALLY NEED A SAVE GAME SCRIPT TOO!

:o Whooow, that’s big white text showing up in here. Btw next time lower the size please, this doens’t really help. Try a search on the forum, there’s a saving script source somewhere in here. Or talk to Nor.J he like to help people and he knows how to :smiley:

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Have you checked the demo/tutorial list? A Save/Load script is included in the .zip file as well as many other useful .blends for the game engine.

Jason Lin