Saving light data on a texture

Is it possible to light up an object, remove the light, and have the object remain lit up? I don’t need shadows on the object, but for a project i am working on i need to show the player that certain parts of the map are owned by the player by lighting them up. To keep things working on a low end PC, i would like to be able to remove the light objects and still keep things lit up. I know python, but i am not too familiar with GLSL shading. Any help, either by answering the question directly or explaining how blender/coding works, would be appreciated.

import bge

for item in scene.objects:
    if 'Map' in item:
        if item.getDistanceTo(marker) <Distance:

so this, will change the color of any objects within (you set distance) of the “marker” with the property map, you also would need to enable color in materials and object ?(I think)

otherwise, you could use the lamp node somehow? (this will require constant processing though I think)

A lot of ways to do this, especially if shadows do not matter.

An easy way to do this very fast is using radiosity and bake it onto a texture then use it in game engine. Koala boy did a tut on this: