Saving Materials Question

Hi, newb question, is there a way for Blender to store all the materials that are made, you know like the cool stuff you get from that free material site. So I don’t have to keep doing append link over and over everytime I want to bring back my materials. Thanks.

you mean every time you start blender you want to have those materials already loaded? what you can do is, start a fresh blender scene, load all the materials, then click file->save default settings. then when you start a default blender session, you’ll have all the materials loaded. hope this helps!

Hmmm, I tried that, here’s what I did…

I applied a new material to a text, saved default settings. Presto, the material was still there.


If I just saved the material and didn’t apply it to anything, then save default settings, it didn’t reappear once I restarted Blender.

youre right. i’m not sure why that is.
i’ll try to figure it out

If the material isn’t applied to anything, i.e isn’t being used, it doesn’t get saved. You can add Material indices and click the F button near the material’s name to save a fake user copy.

oh I see, thank you.

yeah, thanks! u learn something new everyday…