Saving Modifier Stack - Newbie help

Hi, super newb here.

Anyone know how I can save a group of modifiers and use them in other projects?

I have a procedural rock modifier stack, about 8 or 9 of them, and I need to reuse them across multiple projects.

I’ve looked high and low for the answer, but found zip.

Thank you for your help.

Could you link/append an object containing the stack and copy the modifiers in the other projects?

Then using copy attribute menu addon bundled in blender. With ctrl+c and copy modifiers.

Thank you for the reply Skuax, I gave it a shot. Sadly, it works the same way as Alt+L -> Modifiers. It just copies the modifiers from one object in a scene to another. I was looking for a solution that wouldn’t require me to load a an original object then link or copy the modifiers to it - it’s just extra steps that seem really tedious to me.

Thank you Casper, that’s actually the method I’m trying to subvert :frowning: