saving my animation

hey guys, have just made my first ever animation! (hooorah!!) but how do i save it as a real player or divx player file? because i wish to share it.

Yes, I found that hard to.

Do you know how to set the output type? (F10(Scene), format tab)

So you’ve exported pictures by rendering it, and pressing F3? Well, for animations it doesn’t work that way.

You go to the output tab (still in the Scene menu), You will see three folder’s, and to the right of each, a path. The top folder is where you are saving the files to, so change it to whatever you want.

Now if you want the animation to be something besides a load of .jpg s (which I highly recommend for larger animations, you can put them back together in the sequencer), then you can switch it to whatever you want, I prefer ffmpeg because of the choices it gives you.

Hope that helps, if it doesn’t I’m sorry, I’m half asleep right now.

ok thanks.

ummm, i am still alittle lost…

Ok, can you tell me how far you got?

yes, i have made my animation. all playing when i click play in the render window…but how do i save it as a divx player file or a real player, because it seems i can only save image or save it as a .blend file…

All right, this may be a little slow, but maybe the blender Manuel can help you.

Remember, rendering movies is NOT like rendering images, you have to pre-determine where and what you’re saving it as.

If you have any questions please post.

hi good day i am a beginner in blender. my question is how do i render the animation like a gif format not an avi. i mean one that keeps the loop. tnx

Everything you need to set that up is in Scene (F10) on the Buttons Window. Set your format under “format” and make sure you specify an output directory under “output.” Once that’s done click ANIM and the gifs will go sequentially to the specified output directory.

Same stuff applies to you. Specify your output directory. If you’re wanting divx that’s an avi compressor, so for output choose AVI CODEC. Then click SET CODEC and select the divx compressor of your liking. Hit ANIM and it will export to that directory you told it to.

but there is no gif format on the list.

ah, that’s because it’s a proprietary format. Sry forgot. Typically, software companies pay for rights to use that format. I think it originally belonged to compuserv, dunno who owns it now. So yeah I digress…

Gifs aren’t for for animation anyway. They hold lousy compression and were intended for small graphics initiailly for the web. Why not use something better like png? PNG has better compression and is capable of 24bit transparency as opposed to gif’s binary transparency (another words, PNG’s is better).

In all, use PNG if you need an ALPHA channel. Jpeg is good if you’re rendering a few screenshots or something, and aren’t worried about compression artifacts. Open EXR is the only thing blender’s got that holds a Z buffer (a beautiful open format). Hm, so yeah… don’t use gif.

i see. you mean the animated samples in cyclic motion in tutorials like in wikipedia are in PNG format. thanks

what is in my mind was i’m going to render keyframes of my animation and animated it in adobe image ready then save it as gif. hehe

AHHH got it working now, thanks for all your help guys. :smiley: thumbs up!!

Nah, PNG doesn’t animate. If your looking to make a little gif for the web that rotates or something, then yeah, toss it over to image ready. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the animated gif though :wink: why not make a .swf in flash instead :slight_smile: gif’s are so 90s. hehe

ooohlalala!!! hehe… by the way i want to see some of your blender work.